Thursday, 5 January 2017


 A friend just posted this photo on Facebook, with no comment.  It didn't need one.   The great Ataturk did so much for this country and gave it's people such hope.  I wonder what he would think of the country today.

Today, after yet another senseless attack, there is an overwhelming feeling of sadness.   There is also fear, because no-one knows where or when something else will happen.

I have been saying for so long that it's still safe to come here, but after today I don't feel I can keep repeating these words.  I personally don't feel fear.  At my age, fear seems to take a back seat.  Every day is a bonus, and I believe in fate.  When my time is up so be it.  I've had a decent innings and I'm grateful.

I feel a sense of strange anticipation (if that's the right word) more than fear, because no-one knows what will happen next.  I also feel sad that I won't be able to encourage my daughter and grandsons to come here to visit.  Why would I even contemplate putting them at risk?

I'm not religious.  If I were I would be saying "pray for Turkey".  Prayers don't help.  They don't stop people dying.  But if prayers give some people comfort, then fine go ahead and pray.

This is a big country.  In most places life will go on as normal, as it will for me.  I'll still be feeding dogs and cats and not venturing much further than the nearest town for shopping.  I'll still be asking my neighbour Sevke to stop letting her chickens into my garden, or Dursune to stop allowing her baby donkey to run riot up and down the road, making my dogs bark!

It's a simple life, with very little excitement, which suits me.    What is going on in the rest of the country though fills my mind with incredible sadness.

 I just want it to stop.  I'd like to feel optimistic again, and see this country return to some semblance of normality.

Rest in Peace all those who have died and great sympathy to those they have left behind.


  1. there's not much anyone can say. Ordinary people reap what politicians sow, it is called 'Blowback!' Attacks like this are no different from those perpetrated from 25000 ft by sophisticated aircraft or spotty-faced 18 year-old drone pilots - people die!

    1. Absolutely Alan. And we ordinary people can do nothing about it.

  2. Very well Said and I totally agree.

  3. Whoever thought it would come to this in that lovely country.
    I do feel for you, especially now that you think you can't have your daughter and grandsons to visit you.

    1. My daughter has been apprehensive about visiting for a couple of years now...not helped by the fact that she hates flying...but this is the nail in the coffin I'm afraid.

  4. My dear friend,
    Your write with such passion and fluidity. I'm sad that you're sad.
    The world has gone bonkers.
    D xx

    1. You're not wrong there Debs. And Alan in his post above hits the nail on the head. We are at the mercy of politicians... everywhere.

  5. Only hope left - we shall have to hang on to it.

  6. Starting to read blogs again after a long hiatus. My dear friend, I think in modern terms we'd put it like this, prayer sends positive and therefore comforting vibrations out into the universe which somehow link up with other positive vibrations and somehow counter all the evil stuff out there. When enough people have faith, it will happen. It's horrible, what happened in Turkey. North India is not immune from it either. Hugs.

  7. We're all truly shocked by that senseless happening.
    But I truly believe it could happen anywhere and probably will.
    I believe that good things come out of bad and that light always overtakes darkness. People help each other during bad times. Every little act of kindness counts.
    I believe prayers make a difference because we don't know just how much worse things could be without them.
    Keep up your kindness to the animals.
    Maggie x

    1. Thankyou Maggie. I hope you are well and a Happy New Year to you and your family xx

  8. We visited Turkey in the summer of 2015 and were just overwhelmed by the hospitality and beauty of this country. It is so sad to see the drastic turn of events that have happened since. I truly truly hope that things will turn around and people can feel safe again.


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